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Skin’s Saviour: CHANEL’S Sublimage L’essence


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Skin found its saviour in 2006 with SUBLIMAGE, which expresses beauty in its most perfect form.

SUBLIMAGE… The ultimate and most precious skincare by CHANEL, a bestseller that concentrates all the values of excellence of the House and years of research on skin and natural active ingredients.

SUBLIMAGE… A magical name that conveys nothing less than luxury and the finest performance. This dream cream’s powers are recognized by women all over the world.

SUBLIMAGE extends an invitation to a world of refinement, sensations and effectiveness. This anti-aging treasure paved the way for a complete skincare line, featuring two jewels that continuously reinvent the union of science and the senses.

• SUBLIMAGE La Crème and its powerful active ingredient extracted from Vanilla Planifolia from Madagascar.

• SUBLIMAGE L’Essence and its Golden Champa PFA* active ingredient derived from the Golden Flower of the Himalayas, a youth catalyst that initiated an avantgarde cosmetics territory in 2010: cellular detoxification. In 2014, it is reformulated and extends its field of action.

*PFA: A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients.

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For CHANEL, beauty cannot exist without radiance. This tireless quest for light has always illuminated the creation of its products. This golden theme is making its mark in skincare, as all women want perfectly radiant skin. Skin that is not only firm and free of dark spots and wrinkles, but also fresh and lively at all ages. With SUBLIMAGE L’Essence, CHANEL Research goes one step further and announces the era of complete detoxification.


Toxins. They are a hot topic, because they deeply damage the skin on an increasing scale. Like all living tissue, the skin nourishes itself and produces metabolic waste: oxidised lipids and proteins, DNA degradation products and free radicals. All of these undesirable substances gradually suffocate it. Naturally, the skin has its own toxin elimination system. Although highly effective, it can become strained with time.


Due to fatigue, stress, pollution and hectic lifestyles, toxins are no longer eliminated and recycled properly. They build up and lead to the appearance of signs of aging. And it shows.
• On the surface: toxins decrease the strength of the skin barrier, causing dehydration, fine lines and the loss of softness, comfort and radiance. The stratum corneum is no longer able to filter, diffuse and reflect light.
• Below the surface: the build-up of toxins hampers proper cellular functions, notably keratinocytes. All syntheses slow down, including ATP production, which has repercussions down to the dermis. A reduction in energy, collagen and elastin, leading to more wrinkles and slackening.

SUBLIMAGE L’Essence reactivates the natural toxin elimination process. Skin can finally regenerate itself, defend itself better and gain new radiance. Purified, revitalized and revived, it fully benefits from the active ingredients it receives.


SUBLIMAGE L’Essence goes well beyond simple purification. It helps restore skin’s original texture and radiance. At the heart of its formula, two precious natural active ingredients complement each other: two time-defying plants infused with light.
• The Golden Flower of the Himalayas, a cellular detoxification treasure at the heart of the epidermis.
• The “Light Plant” or harungana, the power of detoxification on the skin surface.


This legendary, rare, precious and incredibly resilient “queen of the mountains” flower has blossomed on the foothills of the Himalayas since the dawn of time.
• Using its polyfractioning technique, CHANEL Research extracted the purest and most active molecules from the fresh flowers and created an ultra-concentrated signature active ingredient, Golden Champa PFA, a vital catalyst with powerful detoxifying properties.
• This active ingredient eliminates cellular toxins by stimulating the expression of two key enzymes: DT-Diaphorase and GST (Gluthathione S-transferase), involved in the elimination of reactive oxygen species, damaged lipids and proteins, as well as DNA degradation products.
• It increases and protects ATP production in mitochondria, which stimulates the entire cellular metabolism. Purified and reenergized, cells are healthier, stronger and more productive.


CHANEL is very familiar with this botanical paradise, a vast natural reserve of plants that are unique to the region. It maintains very close links with Madagascar, the country renowned for the quality of its vanilla, which plays the starring role in SUBLIMAGE. This signature ingredient in La Crème is joined by a new “green diamond” for the skin: harungana, an inestimable “pioneer” plant, as it has the power to repopulate forests.
• Air, sunlight… The “Light Plant” does not need much to thrive. With its ability to capture CO2 and use light as its primary source of energy, it is the first to colonize poor soil, stripped by the slash-and-burn farming that is destroying Madagascar. With its parasol shape and its ability to enrich surrounding soil, it contributes to the development of all other species, preserves the humidity of soil and restores life to the lands and ecosystem. A benefactor with a heart of gold…


While studying harungana leaves, CHANEL Research identified a plant extract and finely crafted it to create a tailor-made active ingredient. This extract stimulates kallikreins, enzymes essential to epidermal renewal. Toxins present on the surface (free radicals) but also between the cells (oxidized lipids) are eliminated.


These recently discovered serine proteases play a key role in the natural renewal process of the stratum corneum, notably by acting on the breakdown of corneodesmosomes, the “snap buttons” that hold the corneocytes together. With age, this entire process slows down.

By stimulating epidermal renewal and encouraging the controlled removal (desquamation) of the outermost skin cells, the “Light Plant” extract helps to gently reconstruct a high-quality skin barrier and make it more even, luminous and protective. Skin regains a perfect texture, allowing for improved light reflection.


A subtle fragrance, an evanescent texture, a finely designed case… SUBLIMAGE L’Essence boasts all of the codes of perfection for which CHANEL is known.

• The elegance and simplicity of its matte gold pump bottle.
• The delicate quality of its silky emulsified gel texture, which melts on the skin without an oily feel.
• The refinement of its discreet fragrance.
• The supreme quality of the ingredients and incredible efficacy


Detoxified inside and out, skin gains new vitality, translucency, softness and luminosity. It glows with healthiness.