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Softouch Spa: Skin Whisperer Facial

A delightful range of Mila D’Opiz Product line called Skin Whisperer offers anti ageing benefits, youth revival and cell regeneration for Middle Eastern women.

During the year of the brand’s 75th anniversary, Skin Whisperer was launched and has so far received a beauty award in the league of the Oscar’s for the most innovative product in 2014. Its worldwide innovation lies at stimulating the communication between skin cells, sending powerful messages to enhance the production of collagen fibers. As a result, the skin is firmer and plumped-up, pushing out lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface. The skin is visibly smooth and rejuvenated.

The facial is carried out using products under the Skin Whisperer line which include a serum (with snow algae properties for protection against external aggressions) and a high-tech cream that rejuvenates the skin for a perfect complexion.

It lasts for a good two hours where the facial therapist uses a toner to get rid of excess dirt/moisture/makeup before deep cleansing the skin under vaporized water to get rid of excess innermost dirt with a cotton wool and a salt scrub. Then, the skin is prepped using the serum from the Skin Whisperer range, followed by extensive moisture face massage with the high-tech cream. Then the whole routine is completed using cotton wool and an Ayurvedic mist.

Post Facial Result:

The skin feels lighter and intensely hydrated. The pores appear smaller and it feels like your skin cells are juggling during the first day!

KM’s Verdict:

It is one of those few facials that yields its post treatment benefits and appearance for days. The skin looks the same after 4 days straight and one could go on without wearing a foundation for a whole month. It is worth the money and absolutely great for women with fine lines and wrinkles.

We at KM are totally impressed!

More Information
The Facial is Priced at 2,000 AED For more details, Click Here.