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SOS Travel Beauty Essentials from bea Skin Care

Keep your skin healthy on your summer holiday with bea Skin Care’s range of nourishing and protective products

The infamous Dubai summer is finally here which can only mean one thing – it’s holiday time! We all love the excitement of our summer getaway but all jet-setters know the havoc it can wreak on our skin. From the moment we step on the plane, our skin is up against the elements. Plane air, city pollution, sun, heat and humidity can leave our skin crying out for help.

A carefully curated selection of products can help alleviate the ill-effects of travelling – bea Skin Care have a variety of products available to protect your skin in any environment. Whether it’s a weekend city break or a sun-drenched beach holiday, bea Skin Care have products to soothe, protect, moisturize and cleanse your skin wherever you go.

The bea Skin Care range provides effective clinical skincare that is non-irritating and simple to use. Developed by a leading Harley Street clinician, all bea Skin Care products are formulated with medical grade ingredients, ensuring the active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Hexpeptide-8 and Retinol are in considerably higher quantities than many pharmacy-bought skincare products.

Skin will be left fresh and flawless 24/7 for you to invoke some serious holiday insta envy.

Solar Defence Mist – SPF 50


AED 196

No travel beauty bag is complete without a good quality SPF. This light-weight and fast absorbing mist is the ideal skin care travel companion! A few sprays of this invisible formula will go a long way, with coverage lasting up to 80 minutes. The unique formula is titanium dioxide-based offering water-resistant UVA and UVB full-spectrum sun protection. This cooling mist is not only kind to makeup but also brings a level of ease to what can be a greasy chore.

Kojic Acid Radiance Bar – Luminescence Range

AED 122

The summer is the time of year we’re most likely to see uneven pigmentation appearing, often triggered by sun exposure. Having recently claimed the prize for Best New Ethnic product in the 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards, this innovative product is infused with Argan Oil and plant enzymes treats to treat hyper pigmentation. It lightens hyperpigmentation across the entire body, promotes a uniform skin tone and exfoliates damaged, rough and dry skin. Suitable for use on the face and body, it’s an excellent remedy for acne, pigmentation of all kinds, melasma and sun damage. Compact and easily transportable it is the beauty product you can’t get on a plane without.

Argan Oil Beauty Bar – Advanced System Range

AED 122

Pure argan oil benefits aged, rough, dry and damaged complexions. The Argan Oil Beauty Bar is a medical-strength soap, rich in vitamin E and vital nutrients, which rectifies sun damage, melasma and freckles by lightening areas of skin affected by various forms of pigmentation. This wash bar is delicately scented, 100% organic and is suitable for all skin types especially dehydrated and mature skin.

Solar Defence SPF 30 – Advanced System (50ml & 100ml)

AED 97 & AED 117

bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence is an organic, skin brightening SPF 30 sunscreen with alpha arbutin. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and treats discolouration, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. The Solar Defence sunscreen’s advanced properties decrease the signs of ageing and prevent premature ageing.

It is light enough to wear under make up and gentle enough for sensitive skin. It can be applied around the eyes and after aesthetic procedures.

Glyco Serum 15% – 30ml

AED 191

Travelling and different environments can often leave us with clogged pores causing break-outs. This potent Glyco Serum contains a high concentration of 15% glycolic acid, an effective skin resurfacer and a natural alpha hydroxy acid. This is ideal for tackling breakouts and blemishes and calming inflamed skin, thanks to the green tea extract.

This potent yet gentle serum removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, accelerates skin cell turnover, stimulates collagen production and with regular use, reveals fresher, smoother skin.

Solar Defence Oral Supplements – 60 Capsules

AED 156

When an SPF is not enough, turn to bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence Oral Supplements for an additional layer of protection from the sun. Containing effective calaguala leaf extract, vitamin B3, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence Oral Supplements enhance UV protection, strengthen immune response and gradually build your UV tolerance to protect your skin against photo-ageing. Promote an ageless, more resilient complexion whilst reversing the unwanted effects of sun damage; take just 1 or 2 tablet(s) daily and see results from the inside out.

Although Solar Defence capsules aid in preventing sun damage, they do not replace sunscreen. For maximum results, we recommended applying bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence SPF 30 sunscreen daily.

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All bea Skin Care products are available from www.beaskincare.com.