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My Super Tips By Guerlain

We don’t want our skin to show our late nights, frayed nerves, recent chocolate overload or permanent state of jet lag… So, with this in mind, Guerlain has come up with the My Super Tips beauty survival kit, offering quick and effective solutions to our everyday issues.

Essential companions in our hectic lives, the five colourful, ultra-practical and miniature skin superheroes are great to collect.


SMRT16-106_midnight (2)A cult Guerlain product, Midnight Secret has been “sleeping for you” for 25 years. Apply before bed and leave the legendary formula to smooth your features, re-plump your skin and revitalize your complexion.

How it Works?
The Hydronoctine complex is a balanced cocktail of eight ingredients which work in synergy to mimic the restorative effects of sleep. With its super powers, the Gingko biloba
stimulates microcirculation and promotes detoxification for accelerated recovery. Derived from yeast biofermentation, glycoproteins cause ATP* production – the fuel of skin cells –
to skyrocket. Revitalised, intensely rested with a new dose
of energy, the skin has the glow of a good
night’s sleep.
Its new lavender scent – known for both stimulating and calming properties –combined with tonka bean. Irresistible!


SMRT16-105_super lips (2)Get hold of the Superlips lip balm inspired by the famous Baume de la Ferté – a cult product since 1830 – before your smile cracks and for natural beautiful lips. It repairs and protects the lips instantly, leaving them soft, smooth and re plumped in a single application.

How it Works?

Its blend of ultra-melting butters and oils, including French grape
seed oil, contains more than 70% linoleic acid – an essential fatty
acid that acts as a substitute for the lipidic film. Amino acid hydroxyproline boosts collagen synthesis* to alter the texture of the lips for a re-plumped and sculpted effect. Essential in the morning to re-plump the smile and in the evening before bed to prevent dehydration during the night.

With an ultra-thin fi lm texture, it has a high affinity with the lip temperature, instantly melting in, and an irresistible bergamot scent like a madeleine or comforting tea that begs to be reapplied.


SMRT16-102_creme sosWhen the weather gets carried away, the cold stings and the wind dries; when stress sets in with its redness and itching, the skin becomes more fragile, heating up, stinging, reddening and crying out for help.

Guerlain’s response is the Crème SOS: high-tolerance comforting care for all fragile skin. Apply morning or evening, at the weekend to give it a break or whenever it needs some cocooning.

How it works?

Its formula is simple with an emphasis on biomimetic ingredients – ceramides and gamma-orizanol – to defend and restore the skin’s barrier function. And its emollient texture is the soothing winter coat for raw epidermises. Apply generously!

Formulated for the fragile skin of the face, the Crème SOS also works wonders on the rest of the body, quickly soothing everyday complaints such as minor discomfort, warmth, irritation, tightness, etc. Don’t leave home without it!


SMRT16-103_radianceDining out, dancing until the early hours, taking baby to the nursery, shining at the morning meeting, meeting the afternoon deadline, getting home in time to make dinner for everyone… Our skin sometimes struggles to keep up with our lives! Out of breath, it becomes dull. Our features begin to tense. Radiance fades away.

When the skin needs a good tightening boost and an instant beauty enhancement, Radiance in a Flash will do the trick! Use at key moments such as the morning after a late night or before a big night out.

How it Works?

With its stretch gel texture, it tightens and smooths the skin. Trapped inside a film sheath, complexion-unifying active ingredients such as Artemisia and Ruscus boost micro circulation while rosy and golden pearly particles create the perfect bright complexion. Radiance in a Flash revives that healthy glow.

It’s the Cinderella effect: a fresh formula with an ambery citrus scent for an instantly fresh complexion. Add a hint of powder for the perfect result!


SMRT16-104_stop spot (2)Even when our hormones are under control, we’ve given up sugar and fat, our adolescence ended three decades ago and our tranquillity keeps stress at bay… No one is safe from spots.

To right this wrong, apply the tinted Stop Spot treatment as needed to stop them in their tracks.

How it Works?

It works on all fronts with an extra-purifying formula packed full of camphor, cleansing and soothing zinc and salicylic acid to micro exfoliate blemishes. And let’s not forget the allantoin to calm redness and speed up the elimination of blemishes. Available in one universal shade to be dabbed onto the areas for cleansing, this skincare cream corrects and conceals blemishes upon application.

Its proven formula has been approved for… centuries because Stop Spot is none other than the successor to the legendary Crème Camphrea dreamed up by Guerlain in 1870.

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