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The Ten Golden Rules for Enjoying the Sun by Eucerin®

In-depth UV protection all year long: that’s how Eucerin®, the dermo-cosmetics sun protection expert, lays the foundation for enjoying the sun. They are tailor-made for sensitive skin and its individual needs. These GOLDEN RULES let you know what is important before and during your time in the sun, especially for facial skin.

ENJOY THE SUN: The sun’s rays activate and stimulate a lot of the body’s important mechanisms. UV radiation causes the body to create vitamin D, which regulates the calcium level, promotes bone growth, strengthens the immune system and supports the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. But: We only need a small dose of sunlight to receive these positive effects from the sun for our body´s mechanisms.

RESPECT THE RISKS: The natural protective mechanisms against UV rays only work for a very short time in the sun. Without protection you risk sunburn. Remember: cloud cover and even window glass only protect us from part of the sun’s radiation.

DAILY USE: Face and décolleté are the most UV exposed skin areas. To protect them with a daily sunscreen routine is a worthwhile investment in your future and keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

CHOOSE HIGHER SPF: Nowadays, day care creams offer SPF 15 or higher. However, most dermatologists recommend to use a high SPF 30 or even SPF 50+ for everyday use, especially if your skin is sensitive to the sun. That’s why it’s a good idea to integrate a high SPF sunscreen in your daily basis skin care regimen in addition to your regular day care product. If your skin is sensitive to the sun or you have a lighter skin tone, always use a SPF 50+ product on your face.

* Biological Cell Protection in deeper epidermal skin layers – please check legal feasibilty locally

USE FULL PROTECTION PRODUCTS: The sun protection factor (SPF) number only indicates how much protection the product offers from UVB radiation, which causes sunburn. To protect your skin from long-term skin damage, sunscreen products also must provide a shield against UVA radiation. Since 2006, Europe has followed the criteria laid down by Cosmetics Europe, formerly known as COLIPA (the industry’s umbrella organization) for the minimum efficacy of sunscreen products against UVB and UVA radiation. According to this standard, the UVA protection factor must equal about a third of the sun protection factor.

LOVE IT: Find a sun protection product that you really like to use. The special Eucerin® Sun Face line won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky and combines well with other face care and makeup products. The lightweight formulas are easy to apply, fast absorbing and leave the skin with a matt finish. The products are available in different textures and all formulas contain active ingredients according to your skin’s individual needs.

BEST TIME: The UV protection works instantly after applying Eucerin® Sun Protection products – there is no waiting time required. All of them can be combined with the other Eucerin® products – also under foundation. Start your day by cleansing your skin as a first step – from a scientific point of view you can apply the sunscreen before or after your regular day care product. Either way the sunscreen will protect your skin effectively.

PAY ATTENTION: One of the most common mistakes is to overlook parts of your body that should be protected. Eucerin® recommends as part of a daily routine for your face not to forget your ears, scalp, neck and the décolleté. Those are precisely the areas that are most exposed to sunlight, as are your hands.

TAKE CARE: Sun exposure is not permitted after microdermabrasion and laser treatments. Other situations can increase sensitivity to the sun’s rays as well, like taking the birth control pill, during pregnancy or during menopause. If you are taking medications, check the instructions to see if they increase photosensitivity. Generally women with very fair skin types, red or light blonde hair and many freckles are most susceptible to the risk of sun damage.

BE GENEROUS: The amount of the sunscreen you apply is crucial for the actual protection your skin gets. Eucerin® recommends the following rules for application: Adults need one line comprising the length from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand for the face. Another one for the décolleté and one for ears and neck. A sun hat or cap and sunglasses are a plus as well.

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