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The Collagen-Boosting Skin Supplement, MedColl, Launches in the UAE

The collagen-boosting skin supplement MedColl recently launched here in the UAE and it’s great news for anyone wanting to tackle the signs of aging without resorting to botox and fillers. The nutraceutical product has scientifically proven health and medical benefits and after six to twelve weeks continuous use consumers have found a noticeable difference to the quality and appearance of their skin. We spoke to MedColl founder Roz Martin to understand more about healthy ageing and skincare supplements.

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  • What is a nutraceutical?
    A nutraceutical is a compound or ingredient from a natural source that has medicinal or health benefits for the body; it does not cause any side effects nor does it contain any drug or chemical element. A nutricosmetic, such as MedColl, is defined as a product that is ingested (swallowed), and contains ingredients that stimulate specific biological processes that have the ability to improve the appearance and health of the skin.
  • How does MedColl work?
    As a Nutricosmetic MedColl provides the body with 3 biological processes:Stimulates the cells to secrete more collagen and allows the body to make its own endogenous collagen2. Increases native hyaluronan and viscosity in the cells to improve hydration3. Scavenges and combats free radicals through anti-oxidant supply slowing down cell damage and the premature ageing of cell structure
  • Will a supplement really give me noticeable anti-ageing results?
    Yes over time it will. It’s not a quick fix. Nutricosmetics such as MedColl take a few weeks to perform as they are working at the deeper levels of the dermis, the basal layer, supplying it with extra collagen, hyaluronan, nutrients and anti-oxidants. The normal time for a skin cell to turnover and to push its way up from the basal layer through to the top layer of your skin is around 30 days, it unfortunately doesn’t work any quicker than this. However, when that skin cell does surface, it’s a fuller and healthier skin cell resulting in an improved complexion, and plumper skin.
  • At what age should we start a supplement routine?
    Ideally you should start taking nutricosmetics and taking care of your skin as early as you can. A good time to start would around 25, as at the age of 27-28 the natural production of collagen and hyaluronan in your skin cells starts to decline. This is of course one of the many reasons why our skin ages and fine lines and wrinkles appear. Over time the loss of collagen and native hyaluronan in our skin reduces the ability for it bounce back from movement, thus causing lines and wrinkles.
  • How is MedColl different to other collagenproducts (e.g. drinks or capsules)?
    Unfortunately taking collagen supplements, drinks or powders does not help the body make its own natural collagen. It enters the system where it is broken down by the digestion system and excreted within 24hours. The only medical way to make or increase our body’s own collagen is for us to do it ourselves. We call this endogenous collagen. The body has a tiny “collagen building cell” called the fibroblast. The fibroblast secretes fibrous connective tissue, which is known as collagen throughout all our cells. Collagen holds everything together, skin, ligaments, tissue and bones. MedColl simply switches on the fibroblast to secrete natural collagen into our cells in our body by supplying it with “collagen pre-cursors”. These collagen pre-cursors instruct the fibroblast to maintain secretion levels. This is not only a far safer and more effective way but also the only way we can increase endogenous collagen.
  • What happens to collagen as we age?
    So, two things happen to our endogenous collagen as we age.The connective tissue or collagen degrades and breaks down. This is a natural part of ageing. The long fibrous tissues are subjected to exposure from free radicals, which are caused by stress, UV exposure, cigarette smoke, poor diet and pollutants in the environment. Collagen also can be broken down by high levels of sugar.2. The second process that happens, is that we simply stop producing enough collagen as we get older. Around the age of 27-28 years of age the body’s ability to produce collagen declines every year. By supplying the body with good nutrition, reducing free radical exposure and sugar, and by taking collagen pre-cursors it will ultimately slow down the ageing of the collagen fibres and also help maintain them.

MedColl is available from leading UAE pharmacies (RRP AED 299) for one month’s supply.