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The Eye of the Woman 2015

The Eye of the Woman 2015 opened with a blast on Nov 4, 2015 by well reputed Kuwaiti Sculptor – Mr Sami Mohammad on his visit to Dubai. Sami is known for his bronze sculptures and is respected and represented internationally.

The echoing remark of the crowd during the evening was the diversity of the five artists’ styles – women with their personal individual stories and mediums, yet connecting with the audience and issues of today – A unique exhibition by Woman for Everyone.

There was the gallery signature walk through with each artist guiding guests through their work beginning with Majida Nasreddin’s Black & White series portraying intricate details and meaning;  while the sad and heartbreaking eyes of Maysa Mohamad’s Sada (Echo) pulled at heart strings. Then we had a powerful message represented through a triptych by Eva Ezzat under the title – Tholasiet Al Karasi – symbolizing the power in the hands of authority and then concluded with Bana’s collection of expressive colours  and symbols.

Unfortunately photography-artist Hind Chaouat was unable to be with us as she lives in Morocco, but her photographic images of the Moroccan man and woman made her presence felt by all.

The exhibition continues until Nov 30, 2015; opening hours are  10am -10pm daily

Upcoming Events:- -Two Art & Coffee mornings on Nov 14 and Nov 28, 2015; 11am-1pm -Meet & Greet & Talk to the artists of the Eye of the Woman exhibition. These are interactive coffee mornings where the artists and guests get to share their opinions – fun art mornings with meaning. -The 3rd – Coffee morning this month – Nov 21, 2015 ; 11am- 1pm – Ikebana with Vivian Torbey – an introductory talk and demo on the art of Ikebana.