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The New World Of Fragrance For Women And Men By Antonio Banderas

Seduction, city style…

Summer in the city. A hot, sultry atmosphere prevails. You seek out a shady roof terrace to while away the long, languid afternoon. A smooth glass in hand, you gaze out over the breathtaking urban landscape, its sleek, towering buildings stretching away to the horizon. You’re in good company. You’re in a playful mood. Anything could happen.

Urban Seduction, the new limited edition by Antonio Banderas. A trio of vibrant fragrances designed to transport you to a city of dreams, celebration… and ultimate seduction.

Designed for urban lovers

The new Urban Seduction range captures the essence of summer in a dynamic, modern city – with its infinite possibilities for seduction. The bottles are translucent, revealing in the background a dramatic city skyline, symbol of elegance and power.

The outer packaging design features a spectacular cityscape offset with a bold logo, offering a unique color combination for each of the fragrances: shades of deep blue and electric yellow for Urban Seduction for Men, turquoise and vibrant pink for the feminine version, and sophisticated black and green for Urban Seduction in Black.

Scents to spark an urban adventure

Urban Seduction for Men

The perfume opens with an aromatic, transparent freshness, with hint of mint for added personality. At the heart of the fragrance an ozonic marine accord brings an extra surge of freshness, heightening the youthful, relaxed aspect of the perfume. The sensual, urban woody accents at its base are perfectly suffused with seductive amber and reassuring musk for a longer lasting scent on the skin.

Urban Seduction for Women

The sparkling luminosity of yuzu and the citrus, sweet note of blood orange combine with the water-based translucence of pear and a robust blackcurrant accord for a radiant opening to the fragrance. At the heart is a feminine, urban bouquet of gardenia and jasmine petals for extra sensuality, leading tantalizingly into a seductive base of amber suffused with fresh woody notes of cedar and patchouli.

Urban Seduction in Black

A deep, intense suffusion of sensual woods forms the base of the fragrance, combined with a warm, elegant amber accord. An aromatic heart is refreshed at the top of the perfume by an array of original citrus accords including blood orange, bringing a modern, youthful touch to a scent bursting with personality.