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Theatrical Adaptation Of Novel “The Fall” In Dubai, March 12th

French theatre company due to play theatrical adaptation of novel “The Fall” by Nobel Prize Albert Camus in Dubai

The theater company “Le Theatre de l’Oiseau Tonnerre” is delighted to announce that it will be performing a theatrical adaptation of the modern French novel “La Chute” – “The Fall” by French Nobel Prize Albert Camus, at the Alliance Francaise, Dubai on Thursday March 12th, 2015.

“The Fall” is the confession of a dandy who can’t bear to be judged.

Albert Camus answers his detractors and paints the portrait of a charismatic man on the edge of the abyss.

A language of exceptional depth by the French Nobel Prize.  An intense monologue.

Jean-Baptiste Clamence is a restless soul. Over the course of several nights, he confesses the twists and turns of his life to a strange mute listener. From depicting his first successes as a lawyer, he quickly goes on to denounce all the hypocrisies and the alienations of his life in a lament combining guilt and self-loathing. « The Fall » is the glittering portrait of a man who has glimpsed the nothingness of his existence. But behind its disillusionment, this narrative speaks about our human condition, its absurdity, and also its lost innocence. A studied set of videos and a pounding music will evoke the noxious atmosphere of the canals of Amsterdam, where the dandy tries to survive.

Stage direction: Alice Safran

Stage design: Olivier Meynard

Lights: Nomada

With: Alice Safran

With the support of the French Alliance of Dubai

The play will be in the French language. For adults and children from age 13.

Venue: Alliance Française de Dubaï Oud Metha. Tickets on sale at Alliance Française de Dubaï – 04 335 8712 – www.afdubai.org Price: Adults 120 AED / Young and Groups 60 AED For more information: http://www.theatreoiseautonnerre.com – https://www.facebook.com/theatreoiseautonnerre