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This Eid, Gift Him Gianfranco FERRE BLACK For Men

Black for Men is inspired by some of Gianfranco Ferré’s most famous designs for men: his fitted silhouettes, with layered enveloping garments where colour is used in colour gradients; and a mixture of fabrics such as wool, leather or denim, with black as the protagonist.
The intensity of black tints the silhouette from the bottom upwards, while the contrast of textures created by the mixture of materials provides luminosity and opacity, subtly applied to create luxurious volume and architectural effects.
Black is masculine, sophisticated and timeless. Like Gianfranco Ferré’s designs, it has become a classic.Its style is recurrent, eternal.
Black is mysterious and sexy.
It is a recognisable hallmark of Gianfranco Ferré’s fashion. A non-colour that is feature of his collections for both men and women.
A tone that values the volume of a silhouette, that reveals details and focuses on the essence of design.
The man in black of Ferré’s collections is a sophisticated man, modern and classic at the same time. A man who is used to luxury. A man with style, refinement and class.
Like the colour black, he is mysterious and sexy.
Mysterious because there is something within him that he does not reveal. He is reserved and enigmatic, and it is precisely this air of mystery, his secret personality, that makes him so irresistibly sexy.
Elegant, with understated sophistication. Seductive and virile. His presence is both captivating and unsettling. He is troubling, introspective. Secret.
He is the man in black.
Attraction And Mystery. The Fragrance.
The new FERRE BLACK for men is an elegant and masculine fragrance.
A woody composition with spicy notes that add intensity and envelop it in an air of mystery and fascination. It belongs to the Woody-Spicy-Oriental olfactory family.
Created by the ‘nose’ Olivier Polge, a Frenchman from the world perfume capital, the city of Grasse in Provence. He was awarded the Prix International du Parfum in 2009 for five of his creations. Polge is one of the great figures of the world perfume industry.
Mystery hides in the opening notes of the fragrance. A combination of grapefruit, pepper and lavender,intense and deep, uninhibitedly mixing the spicy intensity of its citric note with the magic of the lavender flower. 

In the middle notes we discover its most sensual notes, marked by exotic spices such as coriander or the darker cardamom, combined in a perfect sexy harmony topped by intoxicating orange blossom.

Finally, the fragrance reveals its deeply masculine character in its end notes, thanks to its cedar wood tones, stirred up by Oriental patchouli and heightened by the solid greenery of the kumaru.
It is seduction in elegance. A sophisticated and timeless way of creating something unknown, a mystery. What secret is our man hiding? What is the enigma that makes him so fascinating?
It is black, the colour that distinguishes Gianfranco Ferré’s style.
Black, enveloping his personality in secrecy.
Black, making him sexy and interesting.
It is FERRE BLACK. Gianfranco Ferre’s irresistible man.
FERRÉ BLACK Eau de Toilette 100ml: AED 310; FERRÉ BLACK Eau de Toilette 50ml: AED 225