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Thrive into Longchamp’s 2017 Valentines Day Kiss & Love Collection

At Longchamp, we adore joining all the lovers out there to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so we created the KISS & LOVE collection, a line of accessories that are just tickled pink and fuchsia.

Two shopping bags in split cowhide profess their feelings, showing off a couple of cute pockets with notes daintily silkscreened and embroidered in sequins or Lurex thread. Maybe your heart is full of love, so you choose the words L’AMOUR TOUJOURS. Or you’re simply bursting with passion and you show it with KISS or LOVE written in colors as emboldened as your feelings.

If your heart has skipped a beat, you should go for one of our exquisite silk scarves known to whisper sweet nothings. But we know you’re secretly coveting that pretty leather bracelet dressed up in chevron embroidery and a heart-shaped charm, or even a keyring embroidered in red sequins, just waiting to win over a sweetheart.

There is no tradition more touching for Longchamp than commemorating love by giving you master craftsmanship with a hint of whimsy in an original collection full of words and color in honor of Valentine’s Day.

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