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Treat Him To Davidoff, The Brilliant Game

Davidoff Brilliant Game 100ML-AED360

Winner takes all

In 2013, Davidoff introduced Davidoff The Game, an irresistible eau de toilette based on a original gin fizz accord, for a man whose mastery inspired admiration and confidence. The success of this new fragrance led to the creation of Davidoff The Game Intense, a powerful and addictive version of its forerunner.

Today, Davidoff The Brilliant Game opens a new chapter of The Game saga. Based on an exclusive Americano cocktail accord, it reveals a new facet of The Game’s universe. According to Jacques Huclier (Givaudan), its creator, this perfume was inspired by “this incredible moment in a game when you feel confident, positive and victory is just a natural consequence”. Davidoff The Brilliant Game is a luminous, light-hearted and joyful reinterpretation.

Take your game to the next level

Blessed with an easy-going personality, an irresistible smile and an aura of light-hearted flamboyance, the Brilliant Game man is charismatic and charming. Unpredictable, witty and fun, he is the kind of person everyone wants to be around. A natural born winner, he effortlessly attracts success and conquers every woman’s heart.

The addictive scent of victory

Davidoff The Brilliant Game is a woody oriental fragrance whose originality stems from its unique accords. The joyful and colourful top note was designed to emulate the aroma of an Americano cocktail. In lieu of Campari and vermouth, Jacques Huclier used a blend of clary sage, armoise, bitter orange and Sicilian lemon oil, recreating the sparkling and aromatic scent of the beverage.

The heart note is composed of another accord that mixes cedar wood and orange blossom. This unexpected assemblage extends the luminosity of the opening note and adds a vibrant, textured and mysterious force to it, combining virility and lasting power in a sophisticated, unique signature. A sensual and addictive Tonka Bean base note concludes this olfactory journey, reinforcing the presence of this assertive male fragrance. 

The secrets of a lucky flacon

Davidoff The Brilliant Game’s packaging perfectly reflects the fragrance’s universe. The sparkling casino lights inspired the flacon and carton’s random golden patterns. As for the player’s proverbial lucky coin, it takes the form of a gold chip at the bottom of the bottle. While highly symbolic, the flacon and the eye catching box remain faithful to the creative and resolutely modern aesthetic of Davidoff The Game’s line of fragrances.

The game is on !

The launch of Davidoff The Brilliant Game will be celebrated through a new ad print featuring Joshua Kloss, the perfume’s face. The picture shot by photographer Kurt Iswarienko perfectly reflects the Brilliant Game man’s personality. Holding his lucky coin, he is considering his next move, ready to take his game to the next level.

Available at Paris Gallery, Sephora, Wojooh, Debenhams & Vavavoom. EDT 60ml: AED 270; EDT 100ml: AED 360