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Tried & Tested: Hair Loss Really Can Be Cured By HARKLINIKKEN, Dubai

Hair loss… we are all familiar with it – if we’re not suffering from it ourselves, we are sure to know someone who is – and yet, it remains a hugely taboo subject and one that often causes great personal suffering and embarrassment to those looking for a solution to this generic medical condition. We all hear about these ‘miracle cures’ for it and see what seem like heavily ‘photoshopped’ images of ‘before and after’ stories and so, for years, I have been deeply skeptical about treatments promising the natural regeneration of hair without implantation… that was, until I read about the one-of-a-kind Harklinikken Clinic in Dubai. Their ‘before and after’ images were so clearly 100% authentic with no touch ups to be seen, that I found myself deeply intrigued and we set about sending a KM representative to put their methods to the test.

Why Is Harklinikken So Unique?

Harklinikken - Lars Skjoth_4

The Harklinikken group is a series of clinics specialised in hair loss treatment customized to each individual, with facilities in Denmark, Germany, the US and Dubai. Harklinikken was founded by Lars Skjøth whose educational background as a scientist of human nutrition and biochemistry gave way to years of research and clinical studies on nutrient influences on skin, hair and the aging processes in humans. His in-depth research and expertise allowed him to develop individualised treatment for hair loss based on proprietary products, ground-breaking pioneering techniques and unique treatment systems for hair loss. The first Harklinikken clinic was opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1992, and since then, Lars has personally treated over 100,000 patients.

The reputation of the clinics has continued to solidify over the years with Harklinikken now widely recognised as the leading hair loss treatment facility in the world, thanks not only to its unrivalled results but to an unwavering focus on ethics, transparency, and outstanding patient trust. Amongst Lars’ patients are an increasing number of international celebrities including royalty, entertainers, and business tycoons. Lars oversees general operations of the group, and is heavily involved in the Research & Development aspect of the treatment process.

Lars’ take on the treatment of hair loss and the improvement of hair quality has been ground-breaking. Together with Harklinikken Medical Director Dr. Panos Vasiloudes, Lars continues to consult clients – learning from their experiences, studying their results and seeking further knowledge. Lars personally teaches the latest science to the growing number of hair consultants at Harklinikken all over the world.

Hair Loss Categories

Physiological hair loss
This type of hair loss can be caused by stress, malnutrition, anaemia, scalp disorders, bad water quality, hair product chemicals, hair straighteners, hair extensions, hair pulling and more. Harklinikken’s treatments have proved to be very efficient for this kind of hair loss.

Moderate androgenetic hair loss
This is the most common type of hair loss for men and women and is also known as hereditary hair loss. At this stage, the hair follicles are still active and we are able to reverse the hair loss process, improve the hair quality and stabilize the hair.

Advanced androgenetic hair loss
It is also known as hereditary hair loss. This category of hair loss is more common for men but also occurs with women, and typically, hair transplantation would be recommended.

Hair loss caused by disease and/or medication
Clients suffering from a disease that is directly or indirectly causing hair loss are normally not good candidates for treatment and are often referred to another specialist outside the realm of Harklinikken.

KM’s Tried & Tested Experience…

Since various lifestyle factors here in the UAE are possibly the most common causes of hair loss in the region, we sent a willing GCC resident volunteer who was suffering from ‘progressed androgenetic hair loss’ anonymously to meet with Lars at the Harklinikken Clinic in Dubai in order to assess his case and hopefully set about trialling Lars’ customised product treatment.

What Is Harklinikken’s Bespoke Customised Product Treatment?

Product Treatment


The cornerstone in Harklinikken product treatment is a special customised liquid called an ‘extract’. Extracts are mainly plant-based and also contain specific combinations of ingredients such as plant proteins and unique complexes of amino acids, minerals and fatty acids. It contains no color, perfume, silicone, petrochemicals or problematic preservatives like parabens.

Customisation of the ingredients contained in each client’s extract and the ongoing adjustment of each client’s extract, as the treatment progresses, is essential.

Treatment takes place at home and needs to be maintained for some time once desired results are achieved.

The extract is applied every night and rinsed out in the morning with special hair care products designed especially for the treatment of thinning hair. Harklinikken’s unique range of specialised shampoos, conditioners, and styling products support the effect of the extracts. Exchanging ordinary hair care and styling products for Harklinikken’s products is often sufficient to treat a hair loss problem.

Harklinikken is committed to working only with people who are good candidates for treatment. Daily application of extract is key to ensuring good results – initial results are usually seen after 3-4 months of consistent treatment.

Follow-up consultations are ongoing.

The Experience…

The clinic was conveniently located along Jumeirah Beach Road and the appointment was set up during one of Lars’ regular visits to his Dubai clinic so that he could personally assess the patient and follow up on progress.

The first consultation was an education in itself with Lars kindly explaining a bit about his background, the reason behind the success of his treatments and the multiple differing factors that can affect hair health. Lars then carried out a personal assessment of the client taking photographs as a starting point for the purpose of comparison at a later date. He then prescribed the customised dosage of ‘extract’ for the client and instructed his on-site laboratory to prepare the extract and specialised shampoos for the patient to embark upon his treatment at home. The extract is applied twice a day in the evening and the hair has to be washed using the specialised shampoo on a daily basis. Lars was keen to emphasise that 100% commitment to the treatment is essential for its success and advised building the treatment into a daily routine.

A follow up appointment was set up for 3 months later.

The treatment proved easy to commit to and remarkably, results were noticeable only a month or so after treatment had begun. 3 months on and the results were astonishing and the regeneration of hair had clearly begun. The follow up appointment was efficiently brief with Lars checking progress and tweaking the ‘extract’ dosage according to how the hair growth was progressing. The client continued the treatment at home in the same way with the new ‘extract’ and returned again one month later for another follow up. Again, progress was remarkable and Lars seemed very happy with the results. The client was so satisfied that he has agreed to continue with Lars on an ongoing basis and is currently in his fifth month of treatment and no longer uses commercial shampoos, conditioners or treatments.

As the client agreed to undertake the trial anonymously, but we wanted to share with our readers some evidence of the true efficacy of Lars’ ground-breaking treatment, here are some before and after success stories from other satisfied patients of Lars (all of whom have given their consent to their story being shared):

Before Treatment For Client A and Client B (click on the images for full view):

After 12 Months of Treatment For Client A and Client B (click on the images for full view):

KM highly recommends Harklinikken to anyone suffering from hair loss or anyone curious to learn more about their pioneering treatment systems.

Other Services Provided by Harklinikken

Hair Transplantation – only performed in Denmark

Over the last 15 years, Harklinikken has developed unique hair transplantation techniques using the principles of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Harklinikken’s highly sophisticated FUE techniques allow for each hair follicle (up to 7,000) to be removed from the donor site, and transplanted one by one with minimally invasive instruments. Skin heals very rapidly and results are seen after 6-8 months.

Harklinikken has also developed the more specialised “LHFUE” procedure, or Long Hair Follicular Unit Extraction, where long hairs are extracted from the donor site and placed in between existing long hairs.

This is an option for clients not suitable for Extract treatment, whose cases are too far advanced. 


In 2015, Harklinikken introduced ‘Follysis’, a proprietary state-of-the-art imaging system used to measure hair density. Harklinikken is the first hair loss facility to use this technology which allows for closer monitoring of clients’ hair regrowth results over the course of treatment.

Extract treatment has been proven to result in improvements in hair quantity and quality of between 30-95% for suitable candidates – figures reflected by comparing initial hair density to continuous improvements throughout treatment.

Follysis uses an advanced database with highly advanced imaging techniques to provide data for hair regrowth analysis. It can be used to baseline hair loss to date and measure change in hair quality & quantity over time by analyzing:

  • Number of follicular units – how many hair follicles are active
  • Hair density – number of hairs per square centimeter
  • Hair quality – how much does each hair increase in diameter

This pioneering hair restoration measurement technique is set to change the future of hair loss treatment.

Harklinikken Dubai, Jumeirah Beach road 347 (Use the Service road at Emirates Hospital), Jumeirah 2, Dubai Phone: +971 4 344 2557; www.hairclinic.ae; info@hairclinic.ae