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Tried & Tested: Revolutionise Your Skincare Routine with FOREO

Intrigue had been building within me with every press release I received about this quirky new device that was being billed as the latest ‘must-have’ in skincare technology. A Scandinavian design, FOREO’s devices are based on years of research and are crafted to provide their users with the most efficient beauty experience by revolustionising the ritualistic art of cleansing.

At first, I was skeptical, dismissing it as a possible gimmick, but as the hype built, I just had to try one of FOREO’s award winning T-Sonic pulsating devices for myself and FOREO were happy to share the love and the rest… is history!

First Impressions: When the surprisingly small and compact package arrived, my excitement grew when a slick little Perspex box (think Apple-esque packaging) revealed a very neat moon-shaped device (aptly named the LUNA Mini 2 by FOREO) in bright sunshine yellow – my mood immediately lifted! The outer shell was made of soft smooth silicone bristles that vibrate once the device has been charged and turned on. I was also impressed to find a USB charging cord that could be easily plugged in whilst I type away for KM ready for my evening cleanse!

The Experience: Following the directions in the box, I wet my face, applied my usual facial cleanser and then massaged the LUNA Mini 2 over my face in a circular motion enjoying the invigorating feel of the soft vibration massaging my skin and building up a satisfying soapy lather leaving my skin feeling deeply cleansed and stimulated. The device was quick and easy to use and definitely added a touch of indulgence to an otherwise routine ritual.

The Result: I suffer from enlarged and often, blocked pores especially in the steamy summer temperatures, so I was delighted to find that even after just one use, the LUNA Mini 2 had visibly reduced my pores by deeply cleansing them and removing the daily dirt and grime! I also noticed a visible improvement in the tone of my skin – I could even go as far as saying that it looked radiant! And to prove it wasn’t all in my mind, at a dinner party that evening, one kind guest remarked on how radiant my skin was looking and seeing as it had been looking as tired as I felt in recent weeks, it can only be thanks to the LUNA Mini 2! This is one pocket-sized pal that will be joining me on my travels this Summer – thank you FOREO!

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