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“Underwater” By Wafa El Hilali

First Collection of Abstract Painting and Poetry A Unique Combination for an Art Exhibition at Gallery 76 by Wafa El Hilali

Dubai International Art Centre will present “Underwater” a unique format of art exhibition, featuring new abstract paintings and accompanying poetry by Wafa El Hilali. This truly original contemporary art show opens at Gallery 76 on Tuesday 29th September at 6:30 PM. The exhibition runs through Tuesday 13th October 2015.
Wafa El Hilali is a French-Moroccan Artist who primarily uses acrylics to create original abstract paintings full of movements and spontaneity. She has been utilising her vast travels and experiences to extract her visions, thoughts, feelings and life experiences on canvas. She let emotions, people, music and nature inspire her work using colours taking you back to the essence of life.

“Underwater” is a collection of paintings that is thriving to explore a world that is full of symbolic. Each piece is unique and will take you through a world of wonders and profoundness.
Wafa also chooses to often accompany her artworks with abstract poetry. She combines languages as she combines colours. She creates images and multiplies the metaphors. Says Wafa: “My poems are as spontaneous as my paintings and it’s up to people to read and interpret what they see and formulate the linkages between the artwork and the text if they want to. A painting keeps its unicity and individuality as well as each word that gets written”.
Having previously exhibited in both Europe and the Middle East, this forthcoming exhibit at the Dubai International Art Center in September 2015, will be Wafa’s first exclusive and solo event.

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Mobile: 050-4597425

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