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Vii Dubai Offers a Delicious Sushi Menu Alongside Other Main Course Options

Vii Dubai, a terrace bar and sushi lounge, has expanded its menu to include a hefty meal for proper diners and has exclusive musical nights with live performances and sheesha for a casual lounging experience. One could call it a luxury all-in-one experience for the night owls and here’s why…

Vii Dubai could possibly be the most exclusive and luxurious bar on Sheikh Zayed Road located in the Conrad Hotel. It has everything going for it and is popular with working professionals after an exhausting day at work. Commonly known as a lounge/bar, the venue has expanded to include sushi and other meals along with sheesha and fun musical nights out to make it more entertainment based in order to cater to a wide range of demographics.

KM were invited for an exclusive media preview of the new menu and to watch an acoustic musical performance.
To access the lounge, one has to cross Conrad’s lobby all the way to the outermost end of the hotel and then a lift takes you to the 7th floor of Vii, which makes it feel intriguing. On entering, there is a slight blackout with the exception of a bold Italic neon gold font exclaiming “Vii”! Almost the entire venue is black or gold lit, unless you enter the terrace. The terrace is where the magic happens.
The terrace is lit with rainbow lights,it is rectangular in shape and is divided into exotic seating arrangements that are reminiscent of Queen Marie Antoinette. We were taken to the further end of the terrace and the acoustic band was performing beside us.

So far, we were impressed with our experience. Once seated, we were offered a digital menu and our choices were Vii Special Sushi plate and Ebi Tempura roll with a peach lifter beverage. The hostess suggested we try a few more items, so we opted for Panko coated Jumbo Shrimps with a mayo condiment and a plate of beef tenderloin sliders.

Whilst we were waiting for the food, we were treated to a mint sheesha.

The ambience and the location seemed perfect and the venue was abuzz with people relaxing and chatting. While we waited for our food, the band sang some pleasant pop hits and took requests from the audience and before we knew it our food had arrived.

The sushi plates looked stunning and had clearly been prepared by a well experienced Japanese chef. The prawns were fresh whilst the ebi roll was lacking a few spices and could have been better, but, Vii Special was something to tempt a food connoisseur. It had flavours of salmon, avocado, feta cheese and tempura batter served alongside a tiny onion salad. It was served on a square plate made of a refined china. The presentation was spectacular.

Then we were served the hostess’ special, beef sliders and the panko coated jumbo shrimps. The beef sliders tasted sweet because of the fried onion, which was a little overpowering given the bite sized portion, but the jumbo shrimps saved the day and they were well fried without feeling oily and the prawns were crisp and fresh. The condiment served with the shrimps definitely made a huge difference and we felt full and satisfied. .

To complete the meal, we were offered a Vii special chocolate mousse cake. The mousse was rich in consistency and the cake layers felt velvety. It was certainly an evening to remember!
We can’t thank Vii Dubai enough for hosting us so well. Every detail from the look of the venue to the presentation of the food made it all come alive with a fine lounging vibe and the music was enjoyable.

We definitely recommend Vii Dubai to our readers!

More Information
The Vii salmon for the sushi is caught in Norway and served within 22 hours.

Address: 7th Foor, Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

Phone: 050 169 6777

Hours: Open 8PM–3AM