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Viora Pristine Diamond Peel

I first heard about Rebecca Treston in a magazine mentioning a high-tech instrument of hers that uses high-frequency sound to ease debris from the facial pores – no squeezing. I ripped out the article. Since then, I have been a convert to her no-nonsense approach to beauty treatments that give real women real results.

The Viora Pristine Diamond Peel is another one of these results-focused skin treatments. Non-invasive, pain-free and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, this exfoliation treatment promises to whisk away dead skin cells leaving your complexion beautifully smooth while promoting the growth of healthy new cells.

The treatment itself only takes an hour and begins with a thorough cleanse before the Pristine wand is gently but efficiently swept over my face. The Pristine utilises hypoallergenic and hygienic diamond tips, rather than crystal tips offered by other microdermabrasion treatments so you don’t scratch the skin. Afterwards my skin really does feel like its been buffed clean.

Up next is an enzyme peel – a gentle exfoliation packed with powerful antioxidants that infuse the skin with age-defying nutrients to smooth fine lines and improve texture. A mask is then applied which nourishes the complexion with moisturisers to dramatically calm and promote even skin tone.

The verdict? My skin looks polished, dramatically clear and plumped up, like I’ve had eight hours sleep and less sun. But the best thing is, there are no side effects or ‘down time’. You can literally have this procedure in your lunch hour and still achieve maximum results.

Viora Pristine Diamond Treatment with an Enzyme Peel, AED 750, available at Euromed Clinic, 04 394 5422 or visit www.euromedclinicdubai.com