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VIVAMAYR Healthy Eating For Summer

Why Salad Is Not Always Good For Your Waistline

We all know that VIVAMAYR is the ultimate bikini diet, but there’s more than one diet tip at VIVAMAYR that flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Salad can make you bloated and cause digestive problems if eaten too late in the day. Dr. Stossier, medical director at VM has a strict rule ‘NO Raw after 4’. Our bodies are unable to digest salad and raw vegetables properly in the evening, so ditch the salad for supper in favour of cooked food and your stomach will thank you for it.

At VIVAMAYR timing is everything and allowing our bodies to find a natural daily rhythm is essential for peak performance. Eating the right foods at the right time assists in this. Drinking water is healthy, but at the wrong time it can hinder digestion. Dr. Stossier suggests waiting 30 minutes after a meal to drink water and up to 30 minutes before. Adequate chewing enables an adequate production of Saliva, so drinking liquids while eating dilutes your naturally occurring digestive enzymes and stomach acids making it harder to breakdown and digest your food.

Water and oxygen therapies are an important feature of VIVAMAYR. Up to 75% of our bodies contain water. It’s vital to our health, wellbeing and effective cognitive functioning. The water in our saliva helps us effectively chew and swallow for better digestion. When dehydrated we’re unable to function efficiently, sufficient water lubricates the joints and cartilage, regulates body temperature, transports valuable nutrients around the body and removes harmful toxins.

We sustain our existence through water, fresh air and nature, summer is a time to embrace and celebrate the liquidity and buoyancy of life by experiencing the abundance of flora and fauna, swimming in warm water lakes and breathing in the fresh air when the natural world at its best and most healing.

At VIVAMAYR Altaussee you start everyday drinking natural mineral rich Glaubersalt water drawn from local springs and truly effective in cleansing the intestines. Water therapies are used to free the body: Watsu takes place in the hamam and assists in balancing the autonomic nervous system, enhances functioning of the lymphatic system, provides pain relief and increases mobility. Essential to the Mayr Cure, Kneipp therapy supports the detoxification process. It reduces fatigue, increases brain function, improves skin tone, strengthens the immune system and stimulates blood flow and the metabolic system. Kneipp’s recommended for arthritis, high/ low blood pressure, digestive problems, orthopaedic conditions, insomnia and more..

OXYGEN is the most vital element required for human life and the key to good health. Through oxidation the body generates heat and energy from its fuel and disposes of wastes and microbes; the best way to optimise health is to oxygenate every cell in our body. Unique to Altaussee, ‘Interval Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy’ is an oxygen treatment which reboots health on a cellular level, balances the nervous system, improves stress tolerance and strengthens immunity.

Dr. Stossier and Dr. Fegerl and their highly skilled medical teams take the VIVAMAYR resorts from strength to strength, bringing in new therapies and constantly evolving to remain the pioneers of holistic healthcare. Infusions, antioxidants, nasal reflexology, foot electrolysis, saline air inhalations, Hypoxy Training, Hydrotherapy and more are offered at the resorts. New Aerial yoga at VIVAMAYR Altaussee re-aligns the body in an uplifting workout.

At VIVAMAYR we offer long term health plans to make sure that you are equipped with the essential tools to remain in good health and fully energised long after you return home. Learning to self-heal and take charge of your own health is integral to the cure.

To find out more information on the Maria Worth – VIVAMAYR medical clinics, visit: www.vivamayr.com