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The Voluptuous Oud Ritual Hammam by Tips and Toes

Hammam, Turkish bath, steam room, sauna – the name may vary but the act itself is probably the oldest surviving bath tradition in the world.  Historically, it is known as the best way to sweat out impurities and get really cleansed, exfoliated skin.

Luckily for us, Tips and Toes have launched a new hammam treatment in time for the sweltering summer temperatures and the purification rituals of Ramadan.  The Voluptuous Oud Ritual Hammam promises to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and give you smoother and deeply nourished skin.

The Treatment:

The hammam is housed in one of the five villas which make up the vast Khalifa branch of Tips and Toes in Abu Dhabi.  After walking through a lovely courtyard filled will willowy trees and fountains, I am ushered by my Moroccan therapist, Sauad, to the changing room and into my robe, ready for the 90-minute treatment.

The hammam room is hot and steam billows out through the glass door as we enter.  The room is small and cosy but boasts a large marble bed and beautiful star lights in the ceiling.  I sit down and enjoy the heat.  I can slowly feel my body temperature rise, my skin moisten (ideal for exfoliating away dead skin cells) and my limbs and muscles relax.

Using just her hands, Sauad slathers and lathers me with traditional Eucalyptus Black Soap which is rich in Vitamin C and smells amazing.  Next, she asks me to lie down on my front and vigorously scrubs my entire body using a loofah mitt.  My skin tingles under the pressure.  Sauad slides me about, lifting my arms and legs with experience and determination, just as the tradition demands.  As she explains, the scrubbing opens the pores and stimulates the lymph and circulatory systems.  When looking down, I’m alarmed to see the debris that is coming away!  I can literally see the dead skin peeling off my body. However, there is something deeply satisfying about being scrubbed and made clean.

I am showered with warm water and my hair is gently washed.  A lovely smelling Amber Oriental Body Wash is applied and rinsed off followed by a grainy, Oriental Oud Body Scrub. It is revitalising – like cold water being splashed on the skin.  After another steam session, my polished smooth skin is then enveloped in a green tea and honey mask and I’m wrapped in cling film to allow the creams to fully absorb; I feel wonderfully cocooned as I lie back, gaze at the twinkling star lights and enjoy the warmth all over my body.

Unwrapped and washed down, I emerge from the hammam with glowing, super-soft skin. As a final part of the treatment, you can choose between either the Oud Oriental oil or Amber Balm. I opt for the latter as it’s bursting with Argan Oil and date extract so super moisturising for the skin. Sauad gets to work and massages in the balm from head to toe.

The Verdict:
After the hammam my skin has never felt so silky soft.  In fact, two independent people commented that I had a glow about me. In short, a wonderful experience that left me refreshed and invigorated. And for the price –  a 90-minute treatment including hair wash – probably one of the most economical treatments in town. Just lovely.

Throughout April purchase three sessions of this new heavenly Hammam (AED 420 each) and receive a FREE Medina Candle Massage worth AED 262.

More Information
For further information visit: www.tipsandtoes.com or call: 04 399 0550