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The White Room Spa’s Optimizer Treatment Facial + Mani/Pedi Review

The Youth invigorating facial by the White Room Spa promises a long lasting glow and radiance while combating external pollution and UV rays for a soft and healthy skin. Along with the facial, KM got to experience the classic manicure/pedicure that enriches cuticles and strengthens nails.

It was a bright sunny day when we got to experience two beauty treatments at once for the first time at the White Room Spa. Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers U cluster, the spa sits under the mezzanine stairs near a selection of eateries and coffee shops. Upon entering, the spa looks like a white beauty zen with a dash of hot pink deco here and there. The white chairs in the pedicure room are symmetrically aligned and each chair holds its own cleansing bowl and pink handkerchiefs. According to a specialist in the spa, the design and concept is modeled after the lotus flower with its pink and white features signifying femininity and purity. It makes one feel calm and gives this small space an illusion of width and breadth.
On Arrival, we are served water and invited to sit near a music lounge manicure/pedicure station where an exotic aroma of fresh Chinese herbs washes over us and puts us at ease. The atmosphere alone earned a plus point for our experience

As we start to relax, the nail specialist approaches to start grooming our nails. The manicure and pedicure experience is much like that we’ve experienced at any other nail spa – the difference here though is that your cuticles won’t grow for two weeks post-treatment and your skin feels deeply moisturized for a couple of days.
The next treatment is the Optimizer Facial. The treatmen

t kicks off with an exfoliation, peeling and toning process like a regular skincare routine. The facialist then applies a generous portion of serum and moisturizer for a collagen boost, massaging the skin for 30 minutes. She then motions the steamer on the face to loosen up the pores to help cleanse off excess dead skin cells.
Once the dead skin is removed, another moisturizing routine takes place, this time the moisturizer is more water based and absorbs easily. The facial process is completed with a massage on the neck and décolleté.
The whole treatment lasts for a good 1 hour and 15 minutes.
The purpose of this facial:
1. To lift and non-surgically firm the face.
2. To boost the skin’s natural regeneration process. It optimizes firmness, fights off wrinkles and fine lines
3. To intensify glow and radiance
4. To fight off free radicals as the treatment is enriched with Co enzyme q10

KM’s Verdict:

Both experiences were thoroughly stimulating and satisfying. The facial especially changed the appearance of the skin texture and made any makeup applied thereafter, look stunning. The glow and radiance was felt days after the treatment and it has helped reduce the feeling of dull/tired looking skin.

More Information

The Optimizer treatment facial is AED 480

The Essential Manicure/Pedicure is AED 135

For more details, click here.