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Wow By Wojooh – It’s All About The Lashes!

They’re finally here! The Wow by Wojooh Lash Over, Instant Volume Lashes are launching exclusively at Wojooh this May!

There’s nothing that us girls over at Wow by Wojooh love more than a dramatic eye. From an intense cat eye, to a pair of strong brows, and those ever so long lashes, it’s all about the EYES!

Wow by Wojooh launches its first of the Lash Over, Instant Volume Lashes collection – the perfect combo of 4 sets of false lashes a girl could need to survive her busy week!

Simply Lashes:

Monday, 8:50am – Work:

A busy day at work is no excuse not to look our best! Transform those sleepy eyes with the Wow by Wojooh Lash Over, Simply Lashes. The solo lashes can go perfectly for a day look, adding as little or as many as you like to add a little UMPH to your work day!

Lavish Lashes:

Wednesday, 6:15pm – Dinner Date:

Getting ready for that special date calls for some flirtatious lashes! Complete your date look with our Wow by Wojooh Lash Over, Lavish Lashes and bat away those eyelashes all night!

Luscious Lashes:

Friday, 7:00pm – Evening Gala:

Gown – check. Hair – check. Makeup – check. False lashes – check. It’s the weekend you’ve been waiting for, and you’re prepping for that special evening gala. Think DRAMA and emphasize those eyes with our Wow by Wojooh Lash Over, Luscious Lashes – and WOW all the evenings’ guests!

Cheeky Lashes:

Saturday, 12:30pm – Lunch with the Girls:

It’s the weekend, time for some down time with the girls – but who says you have to keep it casual? Add a little something to your day look with our Wow by Wojooh Lash Over, Cheeky Lashes. The girls will be green with envy when they check out your cheeky lashes!

Instore as of May 15th Lash Over, Instant Volume Lashes: 60AED