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Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris


Luminous, intoxicating, and carnal in its olfactory expression, MON PARIS EAU DE PARFUM rushed – freefall – into love, and sent you spinning.

Like all the most intense love affairs, now’s the time to take it higher. Lose your sense of gravity. Ascend until you’re transcendental.

Introducing the heightened love of MON PARIS EAU DE TOILETTE. The natural evolution of the Eau De Parfum is a departure, a new olfactory exploration of vertiginous love, yet from the same family, the same city of lovers – Paris.


A new white chypre, that’s heady and light-headed at the same time, Mon Paris Eau de Toilette comes from the three original creators of Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Fremont. Sharing a will to innovate and express themselves artistically, their individual talents and signature styles come together as one simple, pure discourse: three visions of Love, combined as one.

At first, MON PARIS EAU DE TOILETTE opens like the first sharp bites of attraction – zingy, intriguing, mysterious. Bergamot, raspberry and blackberry are inviting, ask you to engage just a little more.

Then, a new heart envelopes; voluminous and light-headed, with a sensual white flower jasmine absolute, tuberose and white accord of peony flowers accented with the romance of orange blossom. Fragrant, fresh; breathe deep and let your heart open wide.

Then the intoxicating headiness of the narcotic Datura flower. Grounding, yet ethereally bewitching, combined with the woody sensuality of patchouli, and the luminescence of white musk, the warmth of ambrox, this is a unique accord, fixing the heart at the height of love.

The result: a new class of chypre. Fully addictive. Modern. A new sensual experience. It embraces, explores, and evokes deep seated emotions; then lets them explode. Contradictory, unexpected, love takes hold of you, and then refuses to let go. Be high on love.


An iconic YSL Beauté fragrance bottle design, the softly rounded shoulders of the multi-faceted glass with its pretty orange – coral – juice inside are tied tightly with the classic couture lavaliere. This time, the classic neck-tie is softer, sensual and airy with a plumetis (polka-dot) net, which instantly gives a more playful, intimate rendition of femininity and freedom.

The heavy glass of the bottle feels solid and substantial in the palm of the hand; echoing the boldness of a black-tie tuxedo style jacket, le smoking. It’s sensual, like the moment at the end of the evening when a boy lends a girl his jacket.


An intimate moment high on the rooftops of Paris. He lunges at her, passionately holds her close; her hair cascades over the parapet. In the distance, the Eiffel Tower, a rose-tinged sky, like the colour of the MON PARIS EAU DE TOILETTE liquid against a soft grey cityscape. She looks at the sky beyond, and sees the world with love in her eyes. Both high on love they surrender to love vertigo.

She is Crista Cober, the high-cheek boned, blue-eyed, full-lipped sensual Canadian model who starred in the Mon Paris Eau de Parfum campaign.

He is Jeremie Laheurte, the Paris born star of the Abdellatif Kechiche film, La Vie d’Adèle (Blue is the Warmest Colour).

Together their love story continues to unfold; taking their love to precarious destinations, weaving a sense of danger, purity and passion into their vertiginous love story.

Isn’t it time you get high on love?

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Price: 90ML: AED 475